Give This Christmas Away

Announcing BRANCH OF LOVE for Christmas 2021:

You can make a real difference in a child’s Christmas this year. Think about children whose parent or parents are in the local jail. What will their Christmas be like?

The Branch of Love program extends Christ’s love by providing Christmas gifts to children of those incarcerated at the local jail (The Prince William – Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center). The program also provides Bibles to and shares the Gospel message with Guardians.

Gifts are limited to children through the age of 18.

Gifts are on behalf of the incarcerated parent and the guardian has approved this.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program’s process has changed! Please call Wayne or Karen at 703-368-1303 before doing anything.

Here is how to participate:

1) Call Wayne or Karen at 703-368-1303 to get information about available children (age, gender, gift ideas, clothing sizes, etc.). Select the child you want during this phone call.

2) Buy gifts for the child so that all gifts can be delivered by December 20th. Last year, shipping issues presented problems.

3) There are two gift delivery options.

  1. If you would like to have the gift shipped directly to the guardian, do so at the time of purchase then provide Wayne or Karen all tracking numbers so they can inform guardians when gifts will arrive (Wayne & Karen will have the shipping address).
  2. Buy gifts, wrap them, and get them to Wayne or Karen by December 14th and Wayne or Karen will deliver the gifts to guardians.

MBC is participating with several other churches to support the Branch of Love program which is led by the local Good News Jail & Prison Ministry chaplain. Last year, with your help, the program supported 383 children (44 were supported directly by MBC).

Contact Wayne or Karen Gorsuch at 703-368-1303 for more information or follow the link below for a list of available children and for more information: