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Kids grow in a place where they feel safe to ask questions. Our goal is to provide your child with a place where they can make their faith their own; where they can weave faith into life and share that with their friends through their actions each and every day.

We know that helping your kids grow in their faith is not just about Sunday or Wednesday night activities with us. We work to support you, as the parent, to help your child take the next step in their faith journey. Each week we have time for parents to know what we are discussing in small group on Wednesdays. We also send home a weekly page that explains what they have learned with some ideas and talking points to help you as you grow together in your faith at home.

Midweek Experience - Wednesday 6:15 - 7:45 pm

This experience is designed with build gin peer and adult relationships. Children are involved in both large and small group times throughout the evening. It is also a time when parents have the opportunity to know what their kids are learning and can also build relationship and share with one another.

  • Large group setting, with worship through song and use of dramatic storytelling, with kids leading and directly involved.
  • Activity rooms which will enhance the message so that is stays with them during the week.
  • Small group time building relationships with their peers and with their small group leader.
  • Parent time is a 15 minute segment at the end of Wednesday night. We share the learning of the night through discussion, games and parent challenges, and provide some pointers about how to have ongoing faith talks at home. At the very end our kids join with their parents in either worship through music or to watch them in a game.

Fun brings the family unit together and to life through God’s word!

Sunday Experience - Sundays 9:30 & 11 am

Our Sunday morning experience consists of 2 sessions. The same Bible truth is taught as on Wednesday night but with more of a classroom-style learning: object lessons, creative crafts and dramas carried out by the class,etc. The material is the same at both sessions; however, different volunteers and different methods bring dynamic results and lead to greater opportunity for the message to hit home. We teach to different learning styles and allow for questions to be asked in environments where kids are comfortable to ask them.

Director of Children’s Ministry – MaryBeth Cobble




  • Meet kids where they are

Help them to understand how to grown in wisdom, truth and love as they explore the bible and learn to love God who created them.

  • Environment

Provide environments at each age level where they can connect with God and the truth of His word through a creative learning environment.

  • Sticky Faith

Provide kids with the opportunity to hear less, but more often. Repetition of the same concept allows things to stick so kids can apply it in their lives.


  • Birth to Age 4
    • God made me. – Genesis 1:27
    • God loves me. – 1 John 4:16-17
    • Jesus is my friend. – Romans 5:2
  • Kindergarten to 5th Grade
    • I can make right choices. -Titus 2:12
    • I have power through God (faith). – Philippians 4:13
    • I show love for others. – 1 John 4:21

Summer Music Camp 2020

Music camp is going online this summer and it’s free! Join us for five days of Virtual Summer Music Camp for children ages 4 through 8th grade. As usual, there are two programs based on age.  Ages 4 through Kindergarten will have five days of songs, puppets, finger plays and fun in Virtual Musikgarten and…

Vacation Bible School

Join us from July 8th through the 12th, each day from 6:00pm-8:30pm as we sing, dance, and learn about God’s word. Registration opens April 7th