Manassas Hope for the Homeless



Assumptions: We do not anticipate nor have we had any real altercations but one. Be prepared, (Stay Aware) of what is happening around you and hope for the best.

  • All volunteers should know how many clients are in the shelter at the time of their shift and be made aware of persons of interest.  
  • Access to the shelter is through back designated doors only.
  • No board games allowed after lights out.
  • Electronics only with headphones.
  • Men and women sleep in the main area.
  • Any issues and or altercations are to be addressed by the team lead however all volunteers should be aware and ready to assist.
  • If a request is made, a volunteer should provide it to the requester they are not to get it themselves,  see team lead with any questions.
  • It is important to understand general signs of withdrawal. Mood swings, anxiety, loud behavior and easily agitated.


  • Is provided by coordinated entry system/ there is a bus stop in front of church and sometimes the police will drop of guest. Most will walk to the shelter

Shelter Rules

  • NO alcohol/ drugs / weapons and or threats will be tolerated. A person is suspected of consuming alcohol and/ or drugs they may be subject to search and/ or ask to leave the shelter.
  • Weapons of any kind must be checked in with the team leader; to be given back upon leaving the shelter.
  • Respect one another, their property, and their space. No foul language or loud behavior.
  • Smoking will be done outside the main shelter entrance where there is a container for cigarette butts. Do not go beyond the end of the building. Once in the shelter there will be no other leaving the shelter without being accompanied by a volunteer.
  • No visitors are allowed who are not spending the night.
  • If you leave the premises, you will not be allowed to return that same night.
  • Respect the shelter. This is a service to you and for you; all volunteers are here to help you BE NICE!!!!
  • Do not argue with the volunteers, respect them. They are here to help you.

Breaking the rules may result in asking you to leave the shelter or having the police remove you.

Security: A sign for the shelter will be place outside the front door of the building to guide people to the back of the building to the shelter entrance. (TBD). Clients are not allowed beyond the steel hallway gate. Leaving or wandering outside designated areas can result in expulsion from the shelter.


Team lead:

  • General all hands meeting to start. Prayer before dinner is served.
  • Will delegate position assignments.
  • Any questions will be fielded by the shift leader.
  • Will document any issues, altercations, disturbances in the log and or notify or by phone if necessary Jay sharp 571-277-0728.
  • Shift leader will be point person to handle any issues, altercations, disturbances and determine if the police need to be called.
  • Will determine early release of volunteers as dictated by need.
  • If a person is found unconscious call 911.

One or two Greeters:

  • Two will be assigned to the door for bag and container inspection, one will Greet and log clients in as they enter, taking notice of general condition of the clients do they smell of marijuana, alcohol are they staggering or swaying.


  • Preparing coffee & drink section.
  • Dinner should be delivered hot around 6:30 p.m., food for breakfast will either be delivered around 5:00a.m.
  • Check if micro wave is clean, prepare designated area for distribution.
  • Check trash receptacles, have clean up items ready.

General setup monitors:

  • Make sure all designated areas are unlocked.
  • Monitor and/ or help in cot set up and take down.
  • Ready TV and DVD player.
  • See that shower towels and cleaning products are prepared.

Shower Man & woman:

  • All clients wishing to use the shower facility need to clean up after each use. A volunteer will make sure all items are pick up and the shower is ready for the next guest to use

Shelter observation:

  • All volunteers are asked throughout their shift please be on the lookout for trash, for smell of marijuana, alcohol or weapons of any kind. Possible tension between individuals, if you notice any of these signs please bring it to the attention of the lead.

Any issues, altercations, disturbances need to be reported to team lead.


Thank you!

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“Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work.”

— Mother Teresa