On Sunday mornings we gather in both of our buildings for worship.


Our contemporary worship gathering begins at 11:15 in the Rock Building (old Marsteller School.) Our praise team is exceptional.

Many members of the group have been playing together for fifteen years. This service is supported with large screens and videos.

Our atmosphere is a bit more relaxed in dress during this service. Our team does an amazing job of helping connect our heart’s in worship through a more contemporary model of music.

Spanish interpreter available for this service.


Join us:

11:15 am Sunday mornings
The Rock building
8730 Sudley Road

Interested in being a part of this service, band or technical team?

Contact Pastor David Donahue


At 9:00 a.m. we gather in the sanctuary building for what many might call traditional worship. Our choir director leads an adult choir of 30+ persons.

We sing traditional hymns that you might have grown up hearing. On any given Sunday our music will be accompanied by the piano, our organ, or a small orchestra.

The service is a bit more formal in dress and it is extremely warm in its welcome.

An ASL interpreter is available for the hearing impaired.


Join us:

9:00 am Sunday mornings
Sanctuary building
8800 Sudley Road

Interested in being a part of this service?

Contact Becky Verner