Just hours before the snowstorm arrived on January 30th, the NKC Team went door-to-door giving food to 50 families.  In the bright sunshine, it was hard to believe that Manassas would be covered in snow by nightfall.  
The families on McKenzie Circle were grateful for our efforts and gifts of food.  Many told us they could not go to the grocery store, and those who could, waited in long lines only to learn they couldn’t buy milk because it was sold out.  And there we were at their front doors with fresh fruits & vegetables, and MILK!

Love is…a bunch of folks connected by the love of God and love for each other, which makes serving others an act of love.  Love is…serving others.
If you would like to join us for our next NKC mission event on Sat Feb 27th, please contact MaryBeth Cobble at
Special thanks to the Askew Family for hosting this event in their neighborhood.