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Creating Heathy Kraves

Jacques Rancourt - Speaker.

From Series: "Krave"

There are some things you just gotta have - a favorite cereal, your Starbucks coffee or your daily dose of chocolate. Maybe it's hitting the open road on your motorcycle or hitting the gym for your daily workout. We all have things that we Krave. We Krave time with our kids, intimacy, favorite foods, vacations - all kinds of stuff. What do you Krave? What kind of things do you gotta have? And even more than that, what do you Krave most? What desires drive you, influence the way you spend your money or adjust your schedule? And even more than that - where do these Kraves come from? Can I do anything about them? Do I give in to them or fight them? What does what I Krave tell me about who I am?   So, here is what I'd like you to do! Head to the nearest grocery store, grab a box of Krave and pour yourself a bowl. While you are munching on this irresistible cereal, ask yourself this one question; what do I Krave most?

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