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The Real Jesus

The Real Jesus

Jim Ailor

From Series: "The Real Jesus"

Around Easter many television channels carry shows like CNN's “Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery.” They sport names like “Who was Jesus?” (Discovery) and “Jesus Revealed” (Nat. Geo). They usually glean their information from scientists, archeologists, and non-faith “experts.” They lean toward secret scrolls found in caves and shy away from the Scriptures. They try hard not to let faith skew the facts and, at the same time, not offend Christians too much. Faith and the Bible are major parts of who Jesus really is. In this week's message Jim Ailor will present Jesus in the way the Bible and thousands of years of church history reveal. He is the Jesus many have died for and many more have committed to serve. If you have questions about today’s message, please send them to

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