Manassas Baptist Preschool LogoDear Family and Friends,

Thank you for considering donating the Preschool. This helps keep the cost down for our families and allows the preschool stay stocked. All contributions can be delivered to the preschool office at 8730 Sudley Rd. Manassas VA 20110. We welcome online deliveries for your convenience.

  • Construction paper (both 9 x 12 & large size – 12 x 18)
  • Number 2 pencils, sharpened (skinny size, not large size)
  • Crayons of any assortment (skinny size, not large size)
  • Glue sticks (Elmer’s brand, small size) & Liquid glue (in case glue sticks not strong enough)
  • Washable Markers (any assortment size), all colors
  • Heavy-Duty Adjustable Vinyl Paint Apron (3 & 4 yr old size)
  • Boxes of tissues, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, & disinfecting wipes
  • Scotch tape
  • Plain white paper
  • Snacks, snack size bags if possible: Goldfish, Ritz crackers, Veggie straws, Cheez It, pretzels, etc.
  • Napkins & paper towels
  • 5 oz cups
  • Paper plates/foam plates for crafts
  • Ziploc bags to take wet crafts home
  • Pencil/supply boxes to fit supplies (crayons, scissors, glue) for individual children @ their work stations
  • Scissors (Fiskars):
  • Folders (red & blue), w/2pockets (Walmart, 15 cents):
  • Dry Erase Markers, Expo (skinny & large, all colors), Expo Erasers, & White Board Cleaner, may be purchased separately:
  • The following can be purchased in stores and on various websites, such as Lakeshore® | Teacher Supply Store | Top-Quality Learning Products ( or Amazon.
  • Washable watercolor sets (for 20 students)
  • White & Wipe Boards (enough for 20 students)
  • Fully Washable Liquid Tempera Paint – Pint (all colors):
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Thank you for loving and supporting your Manassas Baptist Preschool. We could not do it without generous people like you!